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Property Tax Litigation

As litigation counsel to property tax consultants, business owners and management companies for property tax appeals, we focus on post-administrative hearing appeals at the district court level.

Our approach is aggressive — we will treat your tax matter like a full-on lawsuit and file your case rapidly. Our reputation for persistent, diligent representation precedes us — tax authorities know that we are not afraid to set a matter for trial and vigorously pursue our clients’ interest.

Having represented clients for property tax litigation in over 40 counties across Texas, we have a thorough understanding of the process and know how to maximize your results.

You can also look to Patel Gaines for assistance in finding, managing, and maintaining unique tax incentives to increase profitability, including tax abatements, exemptions, sales tax refunds and claims, and minimization of transfer taxes.

Please call the Patel Gaines legal team to learn more about how we can help you with your property tax matters.


Property Tax + 
     Valuation and Assessment Appeals
     Delinquent Tax Appeals and Defense
     Tax Abatements – Applications and Appeals
     Tax Exemptions – Applications and Appeals Incentive Practice
     CHDO (Community Housing Development Organization)
     Assessment Review
• Transfer Tax Litigation
Sales Tax Litigation