Patel | Gaines – Commercial Litigation, Property Tax Litigation


With nearly two decades of experience in legal issues affecting the hospitality industry, our team is prepared to handle a broad range of issues, including financing, management, operations, development, ADA compliance, and real estate matters. We currently represent more than 200 hotels across the state, handling matters ranging from property tax issues to representation during the buying and selling process.

Our experience with the hospitality industry gives us a deep understanding of the many issues that affect your business. Contact our team for the legal expertise you need.


  • Transactional Matters
  • Franchise Disputes, Negotiations, Terminations, and Re-Licensing
  • Company Formation, Agreements, Dissolutions, and Modifications
  • Contractor Disputes
  • Breach of Contract (Employment, Business)
  • ADA Compliancy Matters
  • ADA Accessibility Defense - Defense of ADA and FHA Claims and Lawsuits
  • Construction and Post-Build Claims
  • Insurance Claims and Negotiation
  • Vendor and Service Provider Disputes