Patel | Gaines – Commercial Litigation, Property Tax Litigation


Whether you are the starting franchisor or a franchisee, the proper legal preparation for your business is absolutely critical. Our experienced attorneys are here to assist you with the entire franchise process, from start to finish.

Call us for assistance with all of your franchise matters.


  • Review/Negotiate Franchise Agreements, Terms, Non-Compete Clauses and Territory Protections
  • Review/Negotiate Franchise Disclosure Documents
  • Lease Review and Negotiation
  • Review and Draft Ancillary Documents or Agreements
  • Property Improvement Plans (PIP) and Franchisor Requirement Negotiations
  • Buying and Selling Franchised Businesses
  • Transfer, Assumption, or Termination of Franchise Agreements
  • Negotiate Terms, Fees, and Liquidated Damages Provisions